Material Sourcing and Composition

The Good Plastic Company prioritises sustainable manufacturing, with practices that are transparent and honest. We detail the origins of our materials, our suppliers, and why trust and accountability is at the core of our mission to conquer the plastic waste problem, one Polygood® panel at a time.

100% Recycled.
100% Recyclable.

100% Recycled. 100% Recyclable.What makes Polygood® stand out is the choice to manufacture the panels from a single type of plastic. This makes it the ideal candidate for upcycling, a concept behind high-value material reuse in circular manufacturing and design.

Using mixed plastic sources, on the other hand, would result in a form of downcycling, the suboptimal opposite of upcycling that makes a material less valuable and less reusable. In the case of plastics, mixing types would make it impossible to recycle again. Our single source can be melted and used again, a prime example of how sustainable choices in manufacturing can work to close the waste loop by recycling and reusing materials once destined for the landfill.

Why Polystyrene?

We made a conscious choice to manufacture Polygood® exclusively with 100% recycled polystyrene (PS), known for its recycling potential and versatile qualities. It is environmentally friendly and an ideal design material.

Low emissions

Making Polygood® panels with PS is not resource intensive, and neither is the process of recycling it by our suppliers.

High structural integrity

PS can support substantial weight and stress, making it possible to use without any additional supporting structures to reinforce it.

Strong and durable

PS is a tough material, ensuring longevity while resisting wear and tear over time.


PS material can be shredded and reused several times, significantly reducing environmental impact.


PS facilitates faster construction times and lessens the load on building structures, making it a practical choice in modern construction.


PS gives us the ability to shape a Polygood® panel using heat and pressure, meeting specific design needs for a variety of applications and projects.

Water- and mould-proof

It is ideal for spaces facing common issues like mould or mildew growth within building structures, ensuring integrity and safety.


An ample, reliable resource, we ensure the chosen design and colour can be replicated time and again throughout even the largest industrial-scale architecture and design projects.

Before it was Polygood®

Our panels once had a past life: the smooth insulation of refrigerators and freezers, household electronics, CD disk cases, disposable coffee cups, toys and games, disposable plates, bowls, cutlery, and components like cables, acoustic panels, and tubing. We source PS from these and other post-consumer and post-industrial waste sources.

Melted down and ultimately arriving at our facility in the form of flakes, granules, and beads of colour, these items have a chance to mix into beautiful patterns that adorn stores, hotels, universities, and installations for years to come. It is a design solution that contributes to the global effort against plastic pollution.

Who are our suppliers?

While The Good Plastic Company does not recycle plastic internally, we manufacture our products using recycled PS sourced from some of the largest, most established recycling centres throughout Europe — leaders in the field of collecting, sorting, and recycling plastic on a grand scale.

Our suppliers’ demonstrated commitment to recycling has always produced a reliable stream of stock. That ensures we can make quality panels in significant volumes and produce consistent batch patterns, meeting large project demands. We verify our suppliers to ensure that their quality and values match our vision and stringent procedures, along with our Cradle to Cradle® Certification. Our key suppliers hold the EuCertPlast certification, which guarantees the traceability, quality, and content of recycled plastics.

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