The Colourful Splash Collection

Vibrant, playful patterns that reinvent terrazzo, marble, and more — with a splash of colour.

Technical benefits
  • Fire-resistant
  • Waterproof

Material origins

The colourful splash collection sources recycled plastic from home appliances like refrigerators, adding a dash of colour to familiar patterns that originated as blue spools, coils, and fork springs. Its playful designs are perfect for adding a pop of energy to an exciting atmosphere.

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While every panel can be delivered matte, polished, or be given a texture, the Colour collection mimics the particular qualities of its origins.

Add your own unique aesthetic to this collection by switching the base colour, adjusting the proportion of accent colours, and employing hues that can only be found in design inspired by recycled plastic materials.

Note that the terrazzo patterns within this collection might have a “fishscale” feel on the surface typical to this pattern type. We suggest applying putty to refresh the surface

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