Take-back programme

The Good Plastic Company takes responsibility for Polygood® at all phases of the value chain — including at the end a project’s lifespan. We take back used panels for free and send them to be recycled again, so we can make new products. This closes the waste loop and eliminates the costs of waste management.

100% recyclable

We believe in Extended Producer Responsibility, the idea that the original manufacturer is accountable for its products, from material extraction to disposal at the end of its lifespan. Designed with its entire lifecycle in mind, Polygood® is sourced from a single type of recycled polystyrene. That enables us to have used panels recycled and shredded in order to make new panels for future projects. Together with our clients, we are reducing waste, lowering emissions, and conserving natural resources.

How it works

1. Initiate the return
Start the take back process by providing information about the products you wish to return, including type, quantity, and condition, through our website, by email, or by phone.
2. Assessment and approval
Our team evaluates the provided product details to determine eligibility for the take-back program. We’ll notify you if the products are eligible for return and provide further instructions. (More on eligibility below.)
3. Packaging and shipping
Package the products and return the packaged products to our facility.
4. Product Inspection
Upon arrival, our team inspects the returned products to evaluate their condition and potential for reuse or recycling.
5. Recycling and reuse
Our recycling partners shred Polygood® remnants into smaller components and recycle them before they are reborn into new Polygood® panels.

Eligibility and terms

We are dedicated to ensuring that all materials received through our take-back programme are reused or undergo rigorous recycling processes before being remanufactured into beautiful and functional new panels. This approach supports responsible business practices, and we appreciate your support in promoting a more sustainable future.

Please note that we can only accept Polygood® materials. We do not accept other plastic waste, wood, or production leftovers, or other materials.
Minimum cutting size
We accept cuttings 50 x 50 mm or greater. We are unable to accept smaller pieces.
1. Please ensure that panels and pieces are packed on a pallet. 

2. Smaller pieces can be collected in a bag or cardboard box and placed on the pallet. Refer to your shipper’s website for packaging guidelines. 

3. The surface of the palletised material must be flat.

4. Materials should be stacked on the pallet, using the “bricks and mortar method” whenever possible.

5. Materials must be positioned within the edges of the pallet, without exceeding its length or width.

6. We advise using sustainable or reused packing materials when returning the Polygood® material.
Our take back programme is a free service for our clients, underlining our commitment to sustainability. While we handle the shredding and recycling costs, ensuring that our products are processed responsibly and in accordance with environmental standards, clients are responsible for covering the transport costs to our facilities.

Questions about Polygood’s® take-back programme?

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