The Dark Collection

Deep, rich patterns that create a sense of sophistication and intrigue.

Technical benefits
  • Fire-resistant
  • UV resistance (with coating)
  • Sctratch-proof (with coating)
  • Waterproof

Material origins

The Dark Collection sources recycled plastic from post-consumer waste such as consumer electronics, televisions, and keyboards. These black casings make up the background of the collection, while items like spools and computer mice form the contrasting flecks that give each pattern a unique look. The collection’s mystical and dramatic designs are ideal for creating a powerful yet luxurious look for any project.

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When used as table tops or high-traffic areas, the patterns in this collection  show more scratches over time than our lighter collections, so we suggest our scratch-resistant coating. Due to the nature of the material origins, both the dark and light collections can contain small pores within the panel, seen only from the side along exposed edges.

Scratch-resistant coating

Designers often choose our dark patterns for tabletops and other horizontal surfaces. To ensure that this choice will be long-lasting and bring vibrancy to interior spaces, protect the sensitive surface of dark materials with an optional scratch-resistant coating. Applied during our production process, your fabricators will receive ready-to-use materials with no need for additional surface maintenance. The thin coating does not impact the recyclability of the materials.

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