Customising Polygood®

Aesthetics mean everything, and the materials you choose convey even more meaning when they perfectly match your branding colour palette or unique design concept. We have created dozens of bespoke patterns for clients seeking Polygood® 100% recycled & recyclable plastic panels that are uniquely distinct, on-point, on-brand, and always client-centric.

Rapid development and delivery

We guarantee that iterations, digital and physical samples, and finished panels arrive with a remarkably short turnaround — working closely with you to mix colours and patterns in an exciting collaborative process that involves creativity, expertise, dedication, and flexibility.

Real-world examples

Custom material development is the opportunity to align your design material choice with your organization’s identity and values, ensuring it stands out and communicates your message effectively. We have made over 100 customized patterns for clients all over the world.

Karl Lagerfeld
Residential Kitchen
Making a difference in retail design
Earth-friendly style: Foot Locker store on the Champs-Elysées, Paris
A sustainable office solution: light fittings made from recycled plastic
Polygood for eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly

Customizing Polygood®, step by step

The process begins with a deep dive about your project’s specific needs. Then, our design team collaborates closely with you to turn your ideas into a digital rendition of your dream pattern. We meticulously select the finest raw materials, test an array of pattern and color combinations, iterate until we reach perfection, and secure your approval. Once your design is finalized, we manufacture the panels with precision and care, ensuring they meet your specifications.

1. Vision and exploration
Define your project’s needs and goals. Bring us the scope of your project, the specifications, intended applications, the time frame, and any rendering or images of the custom design you are looking for (we accept JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG or other accessible formats).

Our experts help shape your idea and advise on the best way to bring it to life. Our experts consult with you about the possibilities, the technical specifications, and best practices. If you are in Europe, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit our factory in the Netherlands to create patterns alongside our technicians for the most hands-on experience.
2. Testing, samples, and modifications
We source the relevant colours from our stock and conduct tests to achieve the desired pattern. We meticulously select the finest recycled plastic materials, test an array of pattern and colour combinations, and iterate until we reach perfection.

We consult with you every step of the way, and your feedback drives any adjustments needed. Once you are satisfied with the look of the digital samples we share, we then send physical samples for approval.
3. Material rollout
Once the pattern is approved, the bespoke design is added to our recipe book so that any vendor or fabricator working on your project can order it in any quantity. We guarantee the consistency and repeatability of the pattern, so the concept can last for years to come.
4. Delivery
Confirm your order and panel quantity with the dedicated account manager. Thanks to a flexible team and manufacturing process, your unique pattern can be ready for production quickly and delivered globally.
5. Start a new lifecycle
Once your panels have served their purpose, return them to our factory for recycling through our take back programme, so that they may be melted, reused, and come to life once again in future projects as new panels.

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