The Translucent Collection

Translucent patterns that play with light and a gossamer colour spectrum.

Technical benefits
  • Fire-resistant
  • UV resistance (with coating)
  • Waterproof

Material origins

The Translucent collection sources recycled plastic from sheer CD cases for a crystalline base, brought to life with accents from colourful industrial tubes, spools, acoustic panels, and single-use cutlery. Its vivid designs create movement, adding a sense of whimsy to the atmosphere.

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While every panel can be delivered smooth, matte, polished, or be given a texture, the Translucent collection mimics the particular qualities of its origins. That makes it more fragile, but it is particularly clear and smooth. Wonderful when backlit, it catches any light source to reveal tiny, effervescent bubbles throughout.

We add natural pigments to add almost any color tint, although matching the RAL color chart system is unavailable. Thickness also varies from our standard by 1.5-2 mm.

An optional matte or glossy finish can give the original pattern within this collection a different twist.

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