Hotel Rosalie

Hotel Rosalie
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Window displays may be seasonal, as trendy as the fashions they feature. But Harvey Nichols enlisted the use of Polygood® surface design materials made from 100% recycled plastic with a conscious decision to make a sustainable display that outlives any fashion fad. 


Parametric Walls designed and installed the beautifully-curved background elements, made from our Pattern No. 5, Seafoam Dark, Seafoam Grey, Terrazzo Nuovo, and Timeless Duo patterns. 


While the display debuted in London, Harvey Nichols continues to reuse the panels time and again at other locations in Manchester, Leeds, and elsewhere around the UK. 
One day, the store plans to use our take-back programme, in which we send the material back for recycling, so that we can make new Polygood® panels from them once more. Artistic displays for high-end apparel can be sustainable, reusable, and use no new materials —  the trend of the year.

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