Azul Mediterraneo

Azul Mediterraneo
A Rayas Estudio
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Azul Mediterraneo restaurant in Valladolid wanted to demonstrate that design and sustainability can go hand in hand, from the moment it opened its doors. To bring this vision to life, A Rayas Estudio led the design process and chose Polygood® recycled plastic panels as the perfect material for the project. 


Our fresh and fun White Lollipop pattern tops Azul’s dining tables have just a hint of multicoloured confetti specks in an otherwise white base. Finished with truncated corners for a visually interesting effect, the surface complements wooden table bases against the restaurant’s blue bench seating and warm, wheat-motif wall decorations. 


This harmonious dining experience for customers has a deeper meaning: White Lollipop is made from old refrigerators and single-use plastic cutlery, repurposed into tops by A Rayas, whose desire to combine aesthetics with environmental responsibility led to the project’s realisation.

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