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Oslo-based design firm Ledsten Arkitektur transformed the office space of corporate law firm Schjodt’s into a true masterpiece, combining aesthetics and sustainability into seamless harmony. Ledsten has handled several major complex rehabilitation and transformation projects, and this time, showcasing Polygood’s® translucent collection.


We worked with Ledsten to create a bespoke pattern to complement Schjodt’s reception area, decorated with dark wood panels, black and white flooring, and pillars decked in geometric patterns. The outcome is Translucent White, a customised pattern that glows like the Nordic frost. Our translucent collection, ranging in a variety of colours, are 10mm thick and offer the ability to be backlit, for a clear, smooth, radiant accent to any space. 


Translucent White is made from 100% recycled polystyrene, reclaimed from old CD cases and spools. As a prominent feature of the reception area, it adds a bright, welcoming element for guests visiting Schjød, with an air of sophistication as well as a commitment to sustainability.

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