Fire resistance is an important consideration when it comes to selecting materials for any commercial project. Many jurisdictions mandate fire safety codes, particularly for public and commercial spaces.

Polygood® panels have achieved different fire-resistance Euroclass ratings depending on their application and treatment. This information is crucial for specifiers who need to select materials that comply with fire safety regulations. 

Flooring applications 

Polygood® panels with an FPCC coating achieve a Euroclass rating of B(fl), s1, according to standard EN 13501-1. This indicates moderate flammability with a low smoke development.

Construction products

Construction materials (excluding flooring) have the following ratings according to EN 13823:2020 standard, as a part of classification standard EN 13501-1.

  • Untreated Polygood Panels: These achieve a base Euroclass rating of E, s3-d0. This signifies limited combustibility with high smoke development and no flaming droplets.
  • Polygood Panels with Special Fire Retardant Coating: These panels achieve a Euroclass rating of E, s3-d0. While the classification is the same as untreated panels, the test results show a 2.5 times better performance in fire resistance (according to test reports).
  • Polygood Panels with Special Technology (limited patterns): These panels offer a higher fire-resistance Euroclass rating of D, s3-d2. This translates to limited combustibility with high smoke development and some flaming droplets.
EN 13501 – 1DIN 4102 – 1No SmokeNo dropletsEN 13501 – 1NF P92 – 507EN 13501 – 1BS 476/6 BS 476
A1A1A1non combustibleA1non combustible
A2 – s1.d0
A2 – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1/d2
limited combustible
A2 – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1
B/C – s1, d0
B – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1B – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1/d2Class 0
A2/B/C – s2/s3/, d0
C – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1
C – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1/d2
Class 1
A2/B/C – s1, d0/d1
A2/B/C – s3, d2
D – s1/s2/s3/, d0
D – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1
D – s1/s2/s3/, d0/d1/d2
Class 3
D – s1/s2/s3/, d1/d2
M4 (no droplets)
E – d2

Please note:

  • The provided information highlights the significant improvement in fire resistance achieved with the special fire retardant coating for construction applications.
  • Specifiers should refer to the specific test reports for detailed results and select the appropriate Polygood panel based on the application’s fire safety requirements.
  • For informational purposes only. Always consult with local building codes and fire safety regulations to ensure compliance for your project.

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