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Polygood® finds itself on the fashion runway and in Coach’s first store to be furnished with our recycled plastic material in the United States.


Coach approached The Good Plastic Company to offer a sustainable material for their super special edition Rogue 25 handbags’ signature handles. The buttercup yellow designer handbag has a white pattern with blue specks made from recycled white refrigerators and blue spools. A turquoise version used Coral Reef to create a clear handle with orange flecks. Coach also chose an additional pattern to make a dark handle with white flecks. Fashion weeks went virtual in 2021 during the pandemic, and model Kaia Gerber sported the Rogue 25 yellow bag during Coach’s Fall 2021 presentation. 

Since Rogue 25’s success, Polygood made its way into Coach’s Salt Lake City, Utah location in America, with White Lollipop forming cabinetry, trays for luxury wallets, and display pedestals of all shapes. Located at City Creek Center, the location stands as a testament to luxury, style, self-expression, and timeless elegance. 


Whether providing a recycled design aesthetic to handbags or in actual stores, using Polygood® makes a sustainable statement for the luxury brand sector and Coach, whose craftsmanship since 1941 is evolving with mindful items. Some key pieces include the Recycled Tote 30, which is crafted of fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and made 100% from recycled materials. Even the thread, as well as The Coach Originals Upwoven Leather Coach Ergo Shoulder Bag and the Upcycled Woven Leather Field Tote 30, are crafted of leather scraps from its past collections. Additionally, 100% of its leather is a by-product of the food industry, ensuring that it is only using a recycled resource that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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