Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Poland, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Spain
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1246 m²
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LUSH has maintained sustainable practices since its founding. The famous cosmetics and personal care brand is known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. They pioneered solid shampoo bars, half of their products have no packaging, and they use almond and olive oil instead of mineral oil. Environmental issues are at their heart, and conscious use of raw materials is no exception.

Since 2022, LUSH has worked with us to implement our recycled design material in the design of more than 30 stores worldwide. Our collaboration is an opportunity to promote conscious and sustainable practices, and the partnership has evolved globally. Polygood® adorns LUSH stores across Europe and in Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, and beyond, as more stores open in the future. 


The interior design of the shops use Polygood® to create a welcoming space that showcases their collection of cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products, while remaining true to the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Their multi-tiered display islands are adorned with vibrantly-coloured bath bombs, soaps, and bath foam take centre stage in every shop. Shelves and racks along the walls perfectly showcase the retailer’s cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare range.

For each element, they chose our Vintage Pearl and Dark Knight patterns, made from recycled materials such as consumer electronics, spools, and refrigerators. These classic white and black designs make the products pop.

Vintage Pearl combines classic charm and modern sophistication with a delicate range of pearly, white shades. The refined and inviting atmosphere fills the interiors of LUSH shops with luxury and tranquillity. The white background gives customers a serene shopping experience.

The Dark Knight pattern is inspired by the mysterious glamour of the night and features rich, black tones. It adds drama and sophistication to the interiors of LUSH shops, complementing the brand’s contemporary style. The depth of the pattern invites shoppers to explore LUSH’s diverse range of products, shelf by shelf.


A total of 400 kg of 100% recycled PS (polystyrene) was used for shelves and racks for a single store in Bern, Switzerland. We are delighted to have such an environmentally-conscious brand in our portfolio and hope to further expand our collaboration around the world.

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