Next Media Kitchens

Next Media kitchens
Besau Marguerre
Kitchens, Office spaces
Project size:
15.7 m²

1076 kg CO2 saved, 314 kg virgin plastic saved.


After nearly six months of conception and realisation, Studio Besau Marguerre completed an interior project for Next Media’s innovation space in Hamburg, a concept including waterproof Polygood® panels suited for surfaces in the staff bar and kitchen areas. As a hub for Hamburg’s media and digital ecosystem, Next Media wanted an inspiring space where different colour schemes demarcate zones within the open workspace.


Clever design can show without words that this is about dynamic and innovative ways of working. ⁠The colour gradients that Besau designed run through all the rooms, and are symbolic of the fluid transitions in our contemporary, flexible working world. ⁠⁠

The colour palette was specifically chosen to support different work requirements in terms of colour psychology and to reflect their fluid transitions – from relaxed communication in the warmer colour zones in the “Meet” area to focused concentration in a cooler colour world in the “Work” area.⁠ The colour design also enables a clear allocation of the rooms and also serves as a visual guidance system.⁠

We like that our Reverse Timeless Duo serves as the countertop and backsplash for the “Work” area’s wet bar, in between royal blue and teal cabinetry, in a niche that overlooks the open office. Timeless Duo is in a yellow- and rose-hued “Meet” space for a long, galley kitchen. 


The colour palette works to make an office space meaningful, and using a recycled surface material like Polygood® gives the hub that much more meaning. 

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