Broeinest Materials library

Broeinest Materials library
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Materials libraries are a wonderland for interior professionals eager to explore various materials first-hand. The Broeinest is such a library in the Netherlands, carefully curating special materials that architects and designers can touch, feel, and understand which are best suited for their projects. 

The Good Plastic Company is a premium partner. Polygood® ranks among the chosen materials on display at the Broeinest’s Utrecht, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam locations. 

The vision for every showroom across the Netherlands called for a large variety of eye-catching installations that demonstrate how to shape and implement trending materials, especially one as versatile as our recycled plastic surface design panels. 



For the launch of Broeinest Amsterdam’s new location in 2023, they moulded our recycled plastic panels into areas for architect and designer brainstorming sessions, workshops, presentations, and meetings. The design elements they created are both inspiring and useful, making the 1150m2 materials library double as an inviting social hub and workspace for professionals.

Polygood® went into the first design object welcoming professionals when entering the library: a central reception and gathering hub topped with our Flecked White pattern. The grand, oval surface with a thick overhang is where people create mood boards, compare samples, and make plans. 

In the middle of the Broeinest, “the greenhouse” is a glass-encased meeting room, and our Emerald Ghost pattern was specifically chosen for the green meeting table to complement the lush houseplants and the feeling of stepping into an oasis. 

Expansive tiered seating is the largest application of Polygood®, the Sapphire Terrazzo and Terrazzo Nuovo patterns thermoformed into curves that accommodate dozens of spectators for presentations.

Finally, the wavy moving display of our samples puts a fine point on Polygood‘s workability into just about any form. It has travelled to many design shows across Europe. 


Broeinest Rotterdam employed Terrazzo Nuovo, Sea Foam Dark, and Salt Dune for a geometric display of sleek shelves, elegant stands, attractive podiums, and sturdy counters. Each intricate curve and angle is a testament to the limitless design possibilities that Polygood® offers.


The pedestal bathroom model at Broeinest Utrecht made from Victorious, Translucent Clear, and Timeless Duo patterns makes a fine point of how Polygood® is a lightweight, waterproof, and mouldproof material, perfect for bathrooms — from stylish showers to functional sinks and wall or floor cladding.


Designers gravitate towards our material when creating office furniture, workstations, and decorative elements. Polygood® not only enhances the aesthetics of the workplace; it also contributes to a greener future. 

At Broeinest Eindhoven, we used White Lollipop and Reverse Timeless Duo to demonstrate a miniature version of a “green office,” the shelving, plant holders, and desk built entirely from Polygood®. 


Every piece is made from 100% recycled polystyrene, sourced from old appliances, spools, and components. 

By integrating a sustainable material into these distinctive pieces of furniture, the Broeinest repurposed 1,960 kg of recycled plastic to create captivating furniture for the Amsterdam project alone. 

Using an acrylic-based solid surface material instead would have created six times more CO2 emissions and other gases associated with raw material composition and manufacturing. 

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