Gris Bois Kitchen and Bar

Gris Bois Kitchen and Bar
Gris Bois
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Gris Bois is a Strasbourg-based firm of architects and carpenters who research, create, and design furniture with environmentally friendly materials. They use local and reused wood, and consider an item’s entire lifespan when envisioning aesthetics and design. We are pleased Gris Bois has approached us for two very different projects.


First, the architectural studio created a massive bar by combining our White Lollipop pattern with earthy maritime pine wood, enhancing the building’s exposed ceiling, distressed beams, and industrial aesthetics with a softer tone. 

Second, our Salt Dune pattern was used to form a serene kitchen countertop in a minimalist kitchen of open shelving and light wood cabinetry with no grips. A cooking area with unique terrazzo or marble-like patterns creates an atypical countertop. In this case, it seamlessly blends with the warmth of ash wood.

Besides the repurposing of plastic waste, a large benefit of using Polygood® for such spaces is that the material is waterproof, mouldproof, and long-lasting. A special glue connecting panels facilitates seamless connections and a smooth surface, which look great either matte or glossy.

Polygood® goes beyond aesthetics, offering additional services such as an anti-fire coating to enhance safety in your culinary space. 


Compare the White Lollipop bar’s material origins, repurposed refrigerators and single-use plastic cutlery, to the Salt Dune kitchen’s past life as plastic spools. Their transformation from 100% recycled polystyrene consumer waste closes the waste loop in the most functional yet beautiful ways in the most diverse of spaces. 

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